4 Wheel Drive Repair

Whether it’s 4wd, 4x4, or all-wheel drive, whatever you’ve got, J Medic can repair it. From mechanical issues to electrical problems to maintenance and performance upgrades, our ASE certified technicians have the tools and knowledge to keep your vehicle on the road.

Almost every manufacturer on the market sells some sort of four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle. Most 4WD or 4X4 systems are designed for rugged, off-road use. They are made to be robust enough to get the vehicle out of a situation where the front or rear wheel drive alone won’t cut it. These 4WD vehicles come in the form of a truck or SUV but recently, manufacturers have been making all wheel drive versions of their sedans and even coupes to increase handling and performance. There are some differences when it comes to all-wheel drive vs four-wheel drive, and J Medic technicians have the expertise to accurately diagnose, repair, and maintain any type of drivetrain system we come across.

These 4WD and AWD systems are great additions to vehicles to increase traction and stability, but they need the same attention your engine and transmission need to stay operating properly for the life of your vehicle. While these are machines with hundreds of moving parts, and things do wear out over time, the best way to keep all of those moving parts moving is maintenance. Normal inspections, fluid changes at recommended intervals and performing adjustments if necessary are the best ways to prevent more expensive, in-depth repairs. So, if your vehicle is due for maintenance or needs repair, let our technicians here at J Medic make the proper recommendations to get your vehicle back in tip top shape!

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